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Flyah Reads - Book Reviews and Viral Marketing


Do you have a great fiction novel, or maybe a epic comic book? We can get the word out for you! Submit your book for a professional review and marketing plan to expand your brand awareness! #Flyahreads!

We promote teen fiction books (particularly, Comics, mysteries, romantic comedies/summer romances, and science fiction/fantasy) as well as adult fiction (suspense thrillers/political/romance, romantic comedies, and science fiction/fantasy/paranormal). We run social media ads for the book reviews. All social media ads are book genre targeted and come with engagements. Our ad campaigns will reach over 200,000 genre related readers! We require at least two weeks to read your entire book. Books must be no more than 300 pages in length. All book reviews will have proper grammar and great detail into characters or themes without giving easter eggs. Opinions will include things like personal insights and if there was a clear plot.


Example of book review (Book reviews may vary in structure or length)

Book: Every day

Author: David Levithan

Genre: Teen fiction, romance, fantasy

The main character, A, wakes up in a different body every morning and never knows who he or she will be. The only certainty is he or she will be in a 16-year-old body. The goal of A is to never disrupt the day of the person he or she is living within, but there is no promise that will always happen. For instance, one day he wakes up in the body of Rhiannon’s boyfriend, Justin, and falls in love with her. After this, A will do whatever he can to be with Rhiannon even if the lives of those he is living in is disrupted. “A” wants to find happiness, but also struggles with putting his desires aside to do what is best for others. He must also learn important life lessons through the lives he enters every day as he accesses their memories learning more about them.

Review: I’m linking the plot of this book to a 1980s and early 90s tv show Quantum Leap where the main character would always be in someone else’s body and never knowing when, where, or whom, which appealed to me. In addition, I like the romance part of the story where A falls for Rhiannon and she is the only one who knows his story, but it causes complications. The fact that A is in a 16-year-old body in every situation, it gives the reader diverse perspectives on what 16-year-olds could go through in real life. I give this book five out of five stars because of its relevancy to what sixteen year olds can go through, whether it be love, depression, adventure through the perspective of a spirit who never knows where they will end up each day.

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